Thank you for visiting Ink + Water.  

The Studio

The mission of Ink + Water is to celebrate global and minority culture through art. The studio was created in 2015 out of a "100 days of Chinese Painting" project. Words in classical Chinese poetry always create visual pictures in my mind. I wanted to search an art direction that was inspired by my culture.  Since 2018, Ink+Water has been exploring the intersection of ink paint and life drawing, experimenting with mixed media. 

The Artist

I’m Yuan, an artist and designer working in San Francisco. I was born and raised in Northeastern China, and I got into drawing at the age of 5. I moved to US in 2010 to pursue my career as a product designer. Along the long journey of searching for my voice, I created Ink + Water. Right now I’m passionate about using art to appreciate women, minority culture, and classical poetry from China.